Patient Stories

Sebastian River Medical Center Patient Stories

The staff, physicians and volunteers at Sebastian River Medical Center are committed to the safety and care of all we serve.  Thank you to our patients who are sharing their experiences with us.  

“They were nothing short of amazing.” Katie M. 

I recently had to go to Sebastian River Medical Center for a routine colonoscopy. I am not a person who likes hospitals at all.

I arrived at 7 am. I was greeted at check-in by a warm and friendly staff. The facility I was in was brand new. Everything was very neat and clean.

I then was taken to pre-op by a nurse named Eric. He was so nice and comforting. He checked my vitals, put in my IV and got me ready for the procedure. He talked to me the entire time and kept me very calm. After the procedure was over, he even popped into post-op to check on me and see how everything went. He did not have to do that, but it did show how much he cared about his patients.

When I got into the procedure room I was greeted again by a wonderful team of nurses and technicians. I remember one of the nurses was named Beth and I really wish I could remember the other names. They worked very well as a team and we're very knowledgeable.

Dr. Alex Perez did the procedure and I cannot even begin to say enough good things about him. His bedside manner was amazing. He walks you through everything that will happen and really listens to your concerns. Dr. Perez was sure to go over everything that happened when I came out and what he saw. He was very thorough. I felt no pain or discomfort at all.

What really made me happy and kept me calm was the way I heard the nurses and technicians raving about Dr. Perez. They spoke so highly of him and assured me that he was the BEST! The fact that the staff there thought so highly of him really made me feel comfortable and I was sure that I was in good hands.

I was very pleased with Sebastian River Medical Center and especially with Dr. Alex Perez and his team. They were nothing short of amazing. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Perez for any GI needs. I promise you; you will love him.

The patient explained that she had never had surgery before, and she was extremely nervous going into surgery but was able to calm down. After surgery, she began panicking a bit and Luigi pulled out all the stops to make her feel comfortable including using a cold compress on her head, playing music and holding her hand. Luigi explained, “I looked into music for healing and discovered that there is a lot of research into certain sounds and tones that help. And that’s what I did for her. I’m so glad she appreciated it.” Luigi  -SRMC Nurse

Not only is Luigi a talented and caring nurse, but he is also a volunteer Firefighter with the Indian Harbour Beach Fire Department. What an awesome guy! Thank you for all that you do Luigi!