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We care for the parts that keep you moving. When a bone, tendon, or joint doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, we offer a full range of orthopedic services to help get you back to the life you enjoy.


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We are committed to being available for our community when they need us the most. The Sebastian Steward Orthopedic Clinic is open for ongoing appointments, as well as urgent care orthopedic walk-ins, from Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. Patients may call ahead in the parking lot, and a nurse will come to your car to assist you. We are taking the proper precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and team members, while still be available for routine and urgent care appointments.

Award-Winning Orthopedic Department at Sebastian Medical Center

Our team of orthopedic specialists handles everything from torn ligaments to total joint replacement and minimally invasive surgery, including robotic partial knee resurfacing and robotic total hip replacement.

Latest Technology

ExacTechGPS 3 

The system provides real-time visual guidance and alignment data while performing total shoulder and total knee replacement surgeries. This GPS system is similar to a navigation device in your car and provides a visual map of the patient’s joint anatomy. The data is displayed in real time on a computer monitor in the operating room.  The GPS technology allows our surgeons to make immediate intra-operative three-dimensional adjustments during implant placement, and facilitates the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques. This type of personalized surgical strategy offers an unprecedented level of personalized intra-operative customization to address the patient’s specific anatomic needs.

Conformis Knee Replacement

The Conformis joint replacement company offers custom made personalized knee replacement instrumentation and personalized custom knee replacement implants, both of which are designed to fit perfectly for each individual patient.  The implants and custom instrumentation are based on pre-operative CT scans.  This unique technology can offer patients the best possible implants to fit their specific needs. 

Orthopedic Conditions Treated At Sebastian River Med Center
  • Arthritis and joint disease
  • Back and neck pain
  • Bone disease, including osteomyelitis and osteoporosis
  • Congenital deformities and conditions
  • Fractures, sprains, strains, and damage to tendons and muscles
  • Joint replacement
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Partial Knee Replacement
  • Total joint replacement for elbows and shoulders
  • Hip resurfacing
  • Leg, knee and foot conditions, including ACL injuries, bunions, neuromas, plantar fasciitis, and more
  • Repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tennis elbow, and DeQuervain’s syndrome
  • Herniated disc, fractured vertebrae, sciatica, scoliosis, and other spine conditions
  • Dislocations, sprains, strains, shin splints, and other sports injuries

Joint Care Video

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Our Team

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