Medical Weight Loss

Steward Bariatric and General Surgery is proud to offer medical weight loss. We realize that obesity is a complex disease and there are many different options to address it. Our practice takes a unique approach and combines FDA approved medications with a comprehensive diet and exercise plan that fit your lifestyle. Over the past two years the FDA has approved several new weight loss drugs that appear to be highly effective when combined with the right lifestyle changes.

Medical Weight Loss

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Through the addition of medical weight loss to our practice, we are now the only truly comprehensive center on the Treasure and Space Coast for all of your weight loss needs. We employ the safest and latest technology to meet your needs. Whether it is a combination of medications and lifestyle changes, the completely noninvasive body contouring procedure, or the minimally invasive gastric bypass, we are your center. Our physicians and staff are dedicated to getting you into the right program to make you look and feel better. Our results speak for themselves. Our patients are happy because their results are real, and their lives are improved.

Obesity is a tough disease. It has many parts; genetic, physiologic, psychological, emotional, and social. This often makes it a challenge to treat. In addition, the longer a person has obesity disease the more likely they will develop metabolic disease. When that happens, it becomes increasingly unlikely that the person will be able to lose weight, either short or long term, despite making dietary changes. Here at Steward, we believe in utilizing all possible weight loss strategies to help you not only achieve a weight reduction, but also an improvement in health. While our bariatric surgery is safe and our outcomes are excellent, we also realize that surgery is not for everyone. That is why we tailor our weight loss programs to fit the person.

Our team consists of physicians, surgeons, nurses, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and patient care coordinators that can provide a comprehensive approach to all your weight loss and health improvement needs.